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Having fun with tailored clothing.

Menswear is continuing to become more and more relaxed. So, joined by Mr. Katsuhiro Inn, we took some time to think about ways in which the following jackets and suits, each meeting perfectly with these modern times, can be fully enjoyed

direction & comment
Katsuhiro Inn
After working with Beams F and others, he established “Vermeerist Beams” and supervises the men’s department. He also participated in establishing “The General Store.” He currently works in everything from fashion direction through to writing.

photographs_Sachiko Fujii
styling_Tomohiro Saito

Dressing up a loud, mixed pattern with touches of seriousness.

“We took this incredibly interesting pixel camouflage pattern three-piece suit and then went out of our way to seriously coordinate with it. It’s worn with a tie and other dressy elements, and for the feet we have beautiful navy suede ghillie shoes with a kiltie tongue and country-yet-modern style soles.”

Suede navy kiltie tongue ghillie shoes ¥79,000 (Trickers for Engineered Garments / ENGINEERED GARMENTS), Cotton khaki pixel pattern 2 button jacket ¥64,000, same pattern vest ¥44,000, same pattern draw-cord easy trousers ¥41,000 (all Casely-Hayford), Cotton black gingham check shirt ¥20,000 (Errico Formicola / THE SOVEREIGN HOUSE), Silk navy base green paisley tie ¥13,000, Silk green base pink paisley tie ¥13,000 (both Holiday & Brown / THE GENERAL STORE), Navy base white dot socks ¥1,300 (Happy Socks / HAPPY SOCKS)

The compatibility of suede and black watch.

“The old-style Harris tweed jacket and extremely compatible tartan check have elements of both city/country and dressy/sporty. The “black watch” is particularly chic colouring, so named because sentries would wear it at night. Zip-up plain toes add another helping of urban atmosphere.”

Beige & brown zip-up shoes ¥77,000 (Courtley & Sons / INTERNATIONAL GALLERY BEAMS), Grey Harris tweed 4 button jacket ¥54,000 (Yo’s Yo / BEAMS HARAJUKU), Cotton white round collar shirt ¥25,000 (Darknot / INTERNATIONAL GALLERY BEAMS), Wool single pleated black watch trousers ¥34,000 (Bernard Zins / LE DOME EDIFICE), Wool black watch tie ¥13,000 (P.L. Sells / FAIRFAX COLLECTIVE), Felt navy hat ¥38,000 (James Lock / THE GENERAL STORE), Peccary brown gloves ¥57,000, Hair sheep driving gloves ¥21,000 (both Dents / LEAMILLS), Black watch tote bag ¥110,000 (Somes Saddle x HT Label / UNTLIM)

Blazers should break the rules.

“Blazers tend to suffer from being incorporated into very uptight, uniform-type outfits, so here we are aiming to have some fun with a more eccentric style, with a pixel-portrait knit and jeans with a very wild finish. For the shoes, we had some fun with slip-ons having numbers embroidered on to them.”

Red suede slip-ons ¥28,000 (Kids Love Gaite / STYLE), Wool navy 2 button blazer ¥180,000 (Turnbull & Asser / VULCANAIZE LONDON), Cotton tartan check shirt ¥25,000 (Maria Santangelo / BEAMS F), Wool blue pixel portrait knit ¥30,000 (It Knit / TOMORROWLAND), Bigger Splash 501® ¥20,000 (Levi’s / LEVI STRAUSS JAPAN), Enamel wound glasses ¥29,000 (Oliver Goldsmith / CONTINUER), Ostrich embossed red belt ¥10,000 (Saddler's / THE GENERAL STORE), Border socks ¥2,600 (Pantherella /THE GENERAL STORE)

Flannel, with plenty of grey.

“A double-breasted suit with a light construction, with some softness provided by cable knitted turtleneck, folding briefcase and double link belt. Tuck in the hem of the knit! Grey flannel can be considered a little serious, but it’s actually very sporty, even being used for colouring of sweats. For the feet, crocodile material shoes that overflow with luxury.”

Crocodile summer monk strap shoes ¥450,000 (Hidetaka Fukaya Tomorrowland / TOMORROWLAND), Wool flannel 6 button double breasted suit ¥153,000 (The Gigi / THE SOVEREIGN HOUSE), Wool light grey cable knitted turtleneck knit ¥36,000 (Drumohr / BEAMS F), Silk printed pocket square ¥6,000 (Holiday & Brown / THE GENERAL STORE), Brown folding briefcase ¥46,000 (E. Marinella / E. MARINELLA), Beige crocodile embossed ring belt ¥13,000 (Anderson's / THE GENERAL STORE), Dot socks ¥2,600 (Pantherella / THE GENERAL STORE)

Sporty yet intelligent.

“We want to keep the corduroy material in check by tying it up, as it tends to be a little too sporty, but at the same time we want to enjoy its casual feeling. This is when a down vest worn as an inner is both functional and offers an accent to coordination. The modified last U-tips are suited to walking long distances, and one also cannot forget that they don’t get in the way at all when riding a bicycle.”

Calf light brown U-tip shoes ¥83,000 (Alden / THE LAKOTA HOUSE), Corduroy beige 3 button suit ¥121,000 (Lardini / BEAMS F), Cotton green tartan check shirt ¥23,000 (Giannetto / BEAMS F), Wool silk yellow necktie ¥32,000 (Tie Your Tie / TIE YOUR TIE), Nylon olive down vest ¥28,000 (Rocky Mountain Featherbed / THE GENERAL STORE), Silk 4 green gradations pocket square ¥7,000 (Atelier F&B / THE GENERAL STORE), Brown hat ¥32,000 (James Lock / THE GENERAL STORE), Adjustable sacoche ¥7,500, Trousers guard ¥2,500 (both First Impressions / FIRST IMPRESSIONS), Brown mesh belt ¥44,000 (J&M Davidson / BEAMS F)

City but country.

“The shirt is pattern-on-pattern, taking a stiff looking, banker-like chalk stripe suit and overlaying it with variable size glen plaid. A Fair Isle slipover adds additional country elements, for more flexibility. Suede slip-ons for the feet bring out a feeling of relaxation.”

Suede tassel loafers [REDE] ¥190,000 (Anthony Cleverley / THE GENERAL STORE), Wool 1 button peaked lapel suit ¥400,000 (Fallan & Harvey / INTERNATIONAL GALLERY BEAMS), Wool wine Fair Isle slipover ¥40,000 (Anderson’s / INTERNATIONAL GALLERY BEAMS), Cotton cleric shirt ¥41,000 (Turnbull & Asser / Vulcanize London→VULCANIZE LONDON), Silk wine & white glen plaid tie ¥13,000 (Holiday & Brown / THE GENERAL STORE), Silk 4 purple gradations pocket square ¥7,000 (Atelier F&B / THE GENERAL STORE), Plastic frame glasses ¥32,000 (Oliver Goldsmith / CONTINUER), Braces ¥21,000 (Albert Thurston / FAIRFAX COLLECTIVE), Bordeaux checked hose ¥3,500 (Pantherella / THE GENERAL STORE)

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